McDonald County Telephone

Calling Feature Packages (charged monthly)

Favorite Features Calling Package $5.00
Call-Waiting, Caller ID, Call-Waiting ID, Voicemail

Vertical Services (charged monthly)

Single Line Residential +taxes & surcharges $24.56
Single Line Business +taxes & surcharges $24.56
Trunk-hunting Call rolls to second line when first line is busy $1.50
Distinctive Ringing $0.00
Selective Call-Accept $0.00
Selective Call-Forward $0.00
Selective Call-Rejection $0.00
Call-Forwarding $0.00
Call-Waiting $0.00
Three-Way Calling $0.00
Speed-Dialing (8# capacity) $0.00
Speed-Dialing (30# capacity) $0.00
Caller ID $2.50
Call-Waiting ID (no charge with both Call-waiting & Caller ID) $0.00
Call-Forwarding *No answer $0.00
Three-Way Calling *Busy Line $0.00
Anonymous Call-Reject $3.50

Voicemail Services (charged monthly)

Bronze Voicemail Package 60-second message length w/5-minute size mailbox $4.00
Silver Voicemail Package 60-second message length w/10-minute size mailbox $4.50
Gold Voicemail Package 60-second message length w/20-minute size mailbox $5.00
Discount Services Available for Qualified Customers (Missouri Application for the Lifeline or Disabled Programs)

Telephone Support

To report telephone service problems after hours call:
Anderson: 845-6911
Pineville/Jane: 223-4009

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