McDonald County Internet

5 MEG $50.00 per month
10 MEG* $75.00 per month
25 MEG* $125.00 per month
50 MEG* $150.00 per month
100 MEG* $175.00 per month
*Gamer’s Upgrade (subject to availability) * $10.00 per month

Check your current internet speed here.

Due to recent changes in regulatory tariffing prices and guidelines, many previous DSL speeds and packages are no longer available. In order to provide uniterrupted internet service to customers with the discontinued pricing structure, McDonald County Internet is automatically migrating customers to the new pricing structure. In some cases it will reflect and INCREASE in services, pricing, and/or BOTH, in other cases it will reflect a DECREASE in pricing and/or and INCREASE in speed. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes will cause, please contact us regarding any questions or concerns you have about these changes.
Quality of Service guarantees downloads up to the posted DSL speeds, actual download speeds may vary due to conditions outside the control of McDonald County Internet.

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